Author Theodore J. Jacobs, M.D.

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Comments on The Year of Durocher

“A terrific read,” Al Alvarez, author of The Writer’s Voice

“A wonderful study of adolescence and a great story,” Andrew Potok, author of Ordinary Daylight, the Story of an Artist Going Blind

 "A raucous and stirring read, The Year of the Durocher by Dr. Theodore Jacobs is a skillfully crafted coming-of-age novel that would make Salinger proud. Readers follow the missteps of Jonathan Manheim as he navigates his transition from childhood to adolescence in a fateful year of triumph and betrayal. Readers will be at the edge of their seats as they follow Jonathan's exploits.

A ten-point Durocher scale is the barometer by which Jonathan and his best friend, Mel Schliefer judge the world. "Acts of infamy," which range from simple antics to those women who have wronged them. Turning either Jonathan or Mel down for a date earns the offender from six to eight points, with one young woman earning the highest degree of infamy, a ten-point offense. This passage sets the tone for the rest of this extremely humorous and fast-paced read.

A spirited journey through a year full of changes, Jacobs writes with a powerful and amusing voice that will draw readers in. His depiction of life in New York City during baseball's heyday are vivid and entertaining, adding to an already excellent story. The restlessness of New York City is perfectly portrayed, from the rumble of traffic to the difficulty in getting a cab on Park Avenue.

Jacobs's portrayal of adolescent life is also especially genuine. His characters are compelling and authentic, enabling the reader to share in the laughter and tears of a year well lived. Jonathan goes through a tumultuous year in which he launches a mercurial courtship, becomes entangled in rivalrous relationships and acts of betrayal, and learns life-changing lessons about the meaning of loyalty and friendship.

An enchanting and memorable romp through a year full of changes, The Year of Durocher readers will, inevitably, be left eager for the next release from Dr. Jacobs.

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Comments on The Use of the Self; Countertransference and communication in the Analytic Process 

Elegantly evocative. This text is a gift from a gifted analyst. - Warren Poland, from the Foreword

Wonderful clear presentation of psychoanalytic issues from an astute training analyst. Loved the book. - 
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